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Distance Converter (Yards => Meters; Meters => Yards) -- May 23, 2017

Enter a number to convert Yards to Meters.


Enter a number to convert Meters to Yards.

200 Meters to Yards:
200 Meters is 218.72266 Yards


Some more Yards to Meters conversions:
219 Yards to Meters
217 Yards to Meters

Some more Meters to Yards conversions:
201 Meters to Yards
199 Meters to Yards

* Instructions for use:
To calculate the Meters from a specific Yards distance, enter the Yards distance into the "Yards" box and click "Convert Yards to Meters!"

To calculate the Yards equivalent of the Meters distance, enter the Meters distance into the "Meters" box and click "Convert Meters to Yards!"

Meters is written as "Metres" almost everywhere except in the USA.

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