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Temperature Converter -- May 24, 2016

Enter a number to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius / Centigrade.

220 Fahrenheit to Celsius:
220 degrees Fahrenheit is 104 degrees Celsius


Enter a number to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Something is 220 degrees fahrenheit.

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Interesting Temperature facts
Event Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin
When Water boils 212 100 373
When Alcohol boils 174 79 352
What is Normal body temperature 98 36 310
When Water freezes 32 0 273
When Nitrogen boils -320 -195 77
When Helium boils -452 -268 4
What is Absolute Zero -459 -273 0

* Instructions for use:
To calculate the degrees Celsius from a specific Fahrenheit temperature, enter the Fahrenheit temperature into the "Fahrenheit" box and click "Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius!"

To calculate the Fahrenheit equivalent of the Celsius temperature, enter the Celsius temperature into the "Celsius" box and click "Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit!"

Common misspellings: Fahrenheit is often misspelled as Farenheit, Farenheid, or Fahrenheit. Celsius is often misspelled as Celcius.

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